That is a good question.

I am a designer, artist, illustrator, and avid volunteer.  I earned a Bachelors of Art in Electronic Art at CSU Chico. I've interned at Avenue 9 Gallery. I was trained as a professional at the fabulous apparel company Fifth Sun where I spent two years as an Account Artist/Graphic Designer.

I have two children's books that I've written and illustrated under my belt, and I am always looking for new projects.

Currently residing in San Diego and looking for work.


Here I am with a puppet by Brian Froud.


Illustration, Graphic Design, Photo Manipulation,

Apparel Design

Patterns, Illustrations, Logos

Large Scale Catalogue Style Formatting for Print

On the Job

Team Player

I don't really play sports, (well, other than E League Softball) but I totally love to work with other people.


Humans are forgetful and chaotic. That is why we have notebooks, post it notes, and highlighters in every color.


Because that is what we do as designers! No matter what position I find myself in, I find ways to be creative.

Problem Solver

We always have to keep in mind that things aren't perfect. The best way to improve your work surroundings is by figuring things out for yourself!

Quick to Learn

I didn't know Muse that well and I figured this whole template thing out pretty well. Haha!

Super Friendly

Yep, I love people. Staying positive is one of my most key attributes! Look a picture of my actual face! What do you know?


What Do People Think of Me?


Katie Hayes

Lead Artist, Hot Topic Juniors

Fifth Sun

Karen was our little ray of sunshine in the art department. Optimistic and energetic with a "can do" attitude. She works hard, gets things done and cares a lot about the quality of her work. She is very approachable and willing to communicate. I believe she was dubbed "Director of Fun" by her workmates for her willingness and dependability in organizing our art department potlucks, taco days, outings and so on. She has been with Fifth Sun for several years now, and worked closely with the interconnecting departments of pre press, screen printing, licensing, sales and especially product development. Her painterly work is amazing, her apparel designs are awesome. Can't go wrong with this gal. She is missed!

Jacquie Winter

Office Manager

Sounds by Dave

With Karen’s intelligence, knowledge of technology, her sense of humor and friendly demeanor, complimented by her strong work ethics and reliability, I would definitely recommend Karen as a likely candidate in wherever her endeavors take her.

Nanette Wilde

Advising Professor

CSU, Chico

Karen takes constructive criticism well, and provided astute yet sensitive feedback to her peers during critique. She is a strong leader yet works well collaboratively, is a clear communicator and good listener. She is dynamic, fun, trustworthy, and modest person. I believe she will bring distinction to any entity she chooses to affiliate herself with. Her ability to capture an audience is impressive. As an artist and an individual she has my highest regard.

Heather Wilhelm

Product Development Coordinator

Fifth Sun

Karen is fantastic to work with. She is willing to take on challenges and collaborate with many different teams to complete the task. Her positive and get-it-done attitude is something to look forward to when working on small or large projects. She naturally wants to assist, and with her good natured personality, she is always a go-to individual that I know I can 100% count on.


Maria Phillips

Gallery Owner

Avenue 9 Gallery

During her stay with us, Karen showed initiative and creativity in performing her various tasks – and she did them well and with good humor!

Kristin Babcock

Technical Designer

Fifth Sun

Karen is capable of doing. She is motivated in what she does and has a positive attitude how she does her work. She is always eager to learn new things and if she’s unfamiliar with something she isn’t afraid to ask.  Karen has been an amazing asset on previous accounts she has handled and everyone can always count on her when something needs to be done. She  has great attention to detail and is very organized. She has great influence on everyone around her and I have been lucky to work with her.


Where can you find my work?

My designs have been placed in:

Phone            : 858 442 9349

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